Join My Pinterest Group Board!


If you're an active Pinterest user, you can apply to join my Pinterest group board Travel Beyond The Guidebooks! This board is a collection of offbeat city guides, local secrets & creative travel tips to help travelers find new and unique ways of seeing the world. The ideal contributors for the board are travel bloggers who have good content, an engaged following and a love for design. To join, please read the 5 rules below.

Pins must be travel-related and relevant to the board description.

This is so that all pins stay useful to the followers of the board.

Share the love! Please share at least 1 pin for each one you leave.

This helps keep the board healthy so your pins can be seen by more people!

No spamming (aka no duplicates and pin dumping)

This is for everyone's benefit. This way the board will stay healthy and relevant.

Please don't add new sections to the board.

I love organization as much as any other Pinterest-lover but sections can often get too hard to keep clean.

Please follow my account so we can be friends!
This way you can also stay up-to-date with pins from my travel blog! 
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Sound good?

If the rules above sound good to you, then head on over to the group board and click the 'Request to Join' button! If I think you're a good fit for the group, I'll approve you within 1-3 days.

Happy pinning!